Ok… I’ve been bagged on for not blogging enough. Fine. I’ll write every day. I’m inspired by my soon-to-be ex-roommate, henceforth named “Mike”. He’s a dipshit and I feel I should chronical his misadventures. So… on to part two.

Soon after Mike arrived, I began hearing rumors, like the fact that he was on ritalin and had ADD. Or ADHD. Or whatever they call it now. And he wasn’t currently in school but was planning on going back. At that point, he was working at a local hotel as the “room service” guy, the one that brought the $10 bagel and carafe of orange juice to your room, always entirely too late. Well, the world of hotel food service must have been too enticing because he as of yet has not rejoined the academic world. Not that he has that capacity. He has problems even holding a coherant conversation. When you try to talk to him, his eyes dart about the room. And sometimes, he spouts off gibberish responses to statements. Ugh…

When Mike moved in, we had a room devoted to music, which means it was packed with instruments and equipment, including a full drum set.

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