Ok, his ugly, pain-in-the-ass couch is gone and his drums are all packed up. Very exciting. I hate that couch. It’s this 27 piece monstrosity that curves around the whole room. It’s very uncomfortable because it has this strange hump to it that forces you to sloutch on it and makes it impossible for you to lie on it. The pieces are not connected so if you are sitting in one section next to your girlfriend, for instance, you’ll find yourself drifting away from the larger part due to the wood floors. Ugh!!

He seems to be losing his grip on reality, though. He admitted to someone that will remain anonymous that he was doing schrooms a few days ago. And I seriously doubt he was talking about portobellos. Of course, he said soon after that he meant to say that he had a DREAM about taking schrooms. You know… those schroom dreams. Doesn’t everyone have those? Whose with me?! Anyone??

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