Daryl Jones for Governor? Why not!

So, I was watching the Florida Democratic Governor’s Debate on tv last night… mostly because I’m a friggin’ nerd… and was disappointed by Reno (surprise!) and the bloated white guy in the middle. Daryl Jones, however, did impress me a bit. Instead of rhetoric and double talk, he actually proposed ideas when asked questions. It’s just too bad his campaign is poorly run/financed. Here’s his web site for information on this guy: http://www.senatorjonesforgovernor.com/. He believes, as I do, that state employees are grossly underpaid, especially those in the child welfare arena. Amen to that! The down side is that he was a sponsor of a pilot program in Broward, Leon, Palm Beach, and Pinellas Counties that instituted the “red light cameras” which are the same cameras have been abused by other states as a means of generating revenue and not actually preventing accidents.

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