Revisiting The Gator Game

I told my girlfriend that I would post this story. So here goes.

My girlfriend and I were at a bar in the Buckhead section of Atlanta to watch the Gator game with the Atlanta Gator Club. Anyway, half way throught the game, this big guy walks up to us as she’s talking to her friend. He stands next to me and faces her and strikes up a conversation as if he knew her.

"So, are you Gator fans? I almost went there. It was a last minute decision but I went to Boston College to play football because they wouldn't have played me at Florida. Blah blah blah."

So, he walked off after a bit because I was the only one that was listening to him. I asked my girlfriend if she knew him or something and she said no. I concluded that he was trying to hit on her and her response, of course, was that I was crazy.

An hour and several beers later, he was back. Here’s a transcript:
Dude: Is that your girlfriend? (points at my girlfriend)
Me: Yes.
Dude: She's pretty.
Me: Thank you.
Dude: (pause) Is she Korean?
Me: Yep.
Dude: She's pretty.
Me: Yep. She's prettier than most Korean girls.
Dude: Uh huh.
Me: Ok.

He walked off again and I repeated the dialog to my girlfriend and then after a bit of prodding she finally admitted that I was right. At that very moment, I broke into an impromptu “I’m Right” dance in the bar. It’s great to be right AND have a pretty Korean girlfriend.

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