Vacation's All I Ever Wanted! Vacation, Time To Get Away!

I writing you from lovely downtown Atlanta, GA. We’re staying in a great hotel, the Best Western Granada Suite. The hotel is not conventional at all, as it has an interesting architecture. Each room has it’s own unique layout, which is great. I highly recommend this place as they have Manager’s Hour between 5 and 7pm which includes free cocktails, beer and food! And a free full breakfast buffet every morning. I had a wonderful waffle-machine waffle this morning, a free USA Today and some decent coffee. The people that work here are incredibly nice and the manager remembered my girlfriend and I from last year’s trip.

We survived the trip from North Carolina. My sister’s school was, in a word, interesting. Very small. By the time we left, I felt we knew a good portion of the student body’s gossip — who to avoid, who is nice, who has slept with everyone. We also saw an interaction in the student union between a few girls and a bitchy upperclassman. Let’s just say they don’t like her too much.

I’ll write more later since I’ve FINALLY figured out how to log in!

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