Oops! I Barfed Off The Balcony!

Britney Spears, shown here crawling around on the grass after throwing up an entire “Vodka Cranberry”

My friend Jen is GREAT with the gossip. I’ve known her since high school and she was always the source for the final word about who’s doing what with whom. Now she works in the movie industry in Los Angeles, which is perfect because she gets all the great scoops. Here’s my latest IM from her:

jmc: i have a good BRitney Spears story
Frogbrother: Cool!
jmc: ok – so she is haning around with Colin Ferrill….she showed up with him at THE RECRUIT premiere….
jmc: and then my friend was at ta small show for a Irish singer (damion rice, do you know him….christi went to a show and said he was amazing….releases his own music)….anyway, Colin and Britney were in a balcony/private party area and she was so DRUNK and she threw-up and was making a scene.
jmc: classy chick!
Frogbrother: nice!
Frogbrother: Excellent.
Frogbrother: I love chicks that barf!
jmc: she was being really loud and my friend was about to go up and smack her….she was like, I don’t care if it makes the tabloids!

Oh yeah, baby! She’s taking a year off so she can date a bunch of guys and get drunk. That’s so hot!

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