For A Terrible Meal, Visit "Gator City"!

So, I was hungry and walking down University Avenue when the idea to go to “Gator City” popped into my head. I hadn’t been in that building since they took over for the legendary “Purple Porpoise” and I thought it would be open minded of me to give the new place a chance. Big mistake! For one, they had done nothing structurally significant to the place. A lot of new paint and wood paneling but nothing too exciting. Essentially, it was the “Porpoise”, cleaner and with a slightly different color scheme. That’s as “positive” as I can get at this point. Here is another one of my prized lists of things that suck:

  • They didn’t have any clean forks. At lunchtime. Fortunately, I ordered a burger.
  • The waitress had a perpetual dazed look on her face, like someone just hit her with smelling salts
  • It took the waitress 10 minutes to change the channel for me on one of the tv’s. I was one of 5 tables in the room. Not busy at all.
  • I ordered a “Sicilian Chicken” sandwich for my girlfriend, which was breaded chicken with marinara and ham. She brought a grilled chicken sandwich with no marinara and no ham. When I told her that that I thought the sandwich was wrong and to check with my girlfriend, I found out that the waitress told her that it was supposed to be grilled. So I asked for a “to-go” menu, which confirmed that I WAS RIGHT!!! In the case, the customer WAS always right!!
  • Our waitress never asked my girlfriend if she wanted a drink. She ended up sharing my water.
  • The waitress SHOULD have offered a drink to the pathetic excuse for grilled chicken that was served to us. It was so dehydrated, it didn’t need water, it needed Gatoraid! Quite possibly one of the WORST chicken sandwiches I’ve ever seen and tasted.
  • I was supposed to get a 10% discount but the waitress was so confused by the 20th century device known as a “cash register” that I figured that it was easier to not save $1.30 than to wait for her to figure out how to apply the discount.

This restaurant is ill prepared to serve lunch, period. There were a total of fifteen people in the entire restaurant and it was overwhelming the cook and the waitress. In fact, we got better, more attentive service from the OTHER waitress in the place… not from the one assigned to us! This place is destined to go under unless something drastically improves. Like changing the name back to “Purple Porpoise”. It was obviously bad karma to change it in the first place!

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