Six Degrees Of Separation — How Blues Clues, N*SYNC, and Ted Danson Are Related

I heard this story as sort of a rumor and raced to the internet to confirm its truthfullness. It’s true. Flaming Lips, took the stage for a taping of “Top of the Pops” in England all wearing plushie animal outfits. During the middle of one of the songs, the bass player/animal took off his helmet to reveal he was actually Justin Timberlake on bass. Apparently, The Flaming Lips is known for their experimental collaborations, including a live performance with Ted Danson (on triangle) during a Conan O’Brian show performance and studio work with Steve Burns, the ex-host of the popular children’s show “Blue’s Clues“, who has traded his signature striped shirt for a guitar and facial hair. The music ain’t half bad, either.

Anyway, this gives J.T. many more cool points as far as I’m concerned. My thought is that he tracks something with them… not a whole album but maybe one song or two… it would be a great move for him in terms of earning true artist credibility.

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