F*** The French. No Vaseline. Don't read if you are overly sensitive…

This goes to the peaceniks and other asshats that specifically touted the virtues of France. Kiss my pale ass. The French were and are in it for themselves. Their motivation has always been financial. They had billions invested in Iraqi oil access which was only applicable to the Hussein regime. They were against the war because they knew that when the regime was toppled they would have to renegociate the contracts and these new contracts would now include the United States. France didn’t care that Hussein was killing and maming his own people. They were and are only in it for the money. And here’s more proof. And you “patriots” out there that say they only trust reports from foreign sources…. this article regarding intelligence reports given to the Hussein regime regarding meetings with US officials… it’s from the foreign press.

The French are not our friends. Boycott their products. It’s the very LEAST you can do. If this report is anywhere close to correct, it could have cost American soldier’s lives by letting Iraq know when we would start our attack. BOYCOTT!!!! That means looking at labels before you purchase a product. It’s an extra step, but well worth it. They need to know that we will not take their crap any longer!

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