Finally! A Portable Stripper Pole For The Home!

I hope my girlfriend is reading this! They now make a portable, temporary stripper pole for home use! Can you just IMAGINE how great this would be at your next party? I mean… have a wine and cheese party and after everyone has had a bottle of wine a piece, put “Shake Whatch Momma Gave Ya” on the stereo and whip out this contraption! I would bet that it would be an instant hit. I would bet that every girl there has a secret desire to do a pole dance… at least in my mind!

I decided to read the FAQ sheet and saw this:

No, the Lil’ Mynx dance pole is designed for only 1 dancer (under 200 lbs.) at a time.

Ladies, if you’re even CLOSE to 200 lbs, stay the hell away from my new stripper pole!!!!

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