Cheaters — Best Show Ever!

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before this before… but I have a favorite show and its name is “Cheaters“. It’s one of those reality tv shows but instead of finding so-called talent, it hunts the worst in human nature. People contact the show’s staff if they suspect that their boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband is hooking up with someone else and then Cheaters, made up of a team of private investigators and cameramen, surveil the perp in question. They always get the evidence they are looking for. The show then gathers the video evidence, which is always accompanied with a phone call between the victim listening to a lie regarding their evenings activities, and plays it for us to enjoy. The peak of the episode is when the Cheaters team takes the victim to the location where the perp and his/her new hookup are together and surprising them with host Joey Greco. The reaction is always different but always entertaining.

The last episode was the most horrific of them all. This guy had a pregnant girlfriend at home and another on the side all the while telling his main girlfriend that he loved her. Well, Cheaters did the job, got the evidence and took the pregnant girlfriend to the location where her man and the third party were relaxing on a boat. The crew surrounded the boat and confronted the perp with the evidence. He remained cool throughout, saying that he didn’t care and he didn’t want to be with his girlfriend. In typical fashion, host Greco did his verbal poking and prodding, asking him how he could be so cruel and so forth. The perp responded by quickly STABBING THE HOST with a fishing knife! After that, it was bedlam. One of the bodyguards fell off the boat, the others held the guy down and handcuffed him and a few others attended to Greco, who lost a lot of blood. I almost threw up. The episode ended with Joey being rushed to the hospital and the perp screaming on the boat deck.

Anyway, the episode left me rattled. There was nothing on the net to let me know of the hosts’ status so I decided to email the show to find out:

To Whom:
I know this link is for broadcasters, but I felt the need to email and this is the only address I could find.
It would be great if there was an official “Cheaters” message board so that people can discuss the episodes. Also, so we could get updates about the people on the show. I’d also love a way to keep up with the host, Joey Greco, and what happened after his attack. The show really disturbed me and I’d like to know how he’s doing. I also hope the assailant is serving hard time for that.

Thanks. LOVE the show.

This was the response:

greetings: thanks so much for your care and concern. joey is doing very
well. i am forwarding all such e-mails to him so that he can know how much
support he has out there. thanks for your good wishes and for your being a
cheaters fan. tg

tracy george
public relations

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