PGA — For Men Only?

So… unless you live under a rock in a cave you’ve heard of Annika Sorenstam and her upcoming professional golf competition among a field of men in a PGA outing. Well, the PGA is considering changing its bylaws to make it clear that women are not allowed to be part of the tour. I’m still not sure what I think about this. I was watching pro pool players on ESPN the other day (because I was bored and the lumberjack competition wasn’t for another hour) and wondered if they allowed women and men to compete against each other. I mean, it’s a game of skill, not strength, and I don’t see where either sex would have an advantage. Golf is a different story, though. There are special tees for women so that they have a shorter distance to drive to the hole. And there’s the LPGA… which specifically prohibits men from competing. Is that right? I’m curious to hear your thoughts…

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