Maury – Best Show Ever?

Right now, I’m watching Friday’s episode of “Maury” and it’s one of those high brow episodes whereby Maury recaps and gives updates for the most “outrageous” guests he’s had on the show. I’d like to show you the “update” text that is currently on my television set.

After the show, Tiffany broke up with Chad. Tiffany said she will never be with a man who cheats on her with a girl with no nose.

Here’s another one.

Good news! After the show, Marvin says that his wife, Cherie, has kept her sexy look. Marvin also says that he could barely keep his hands to himself on the trip home.

One more…

After testing three men, Nicole and her mother say they will raise Junior on their own.

Last one…

After the show, Linda traded in her blue rubber dress for a new, looser fitting wardrobe…her mother, Laverne, is thrilled.

That is why “Maury” is the greatest show on television. The End.

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