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I was checking some of the comment pages and noticed that Don Ricardo Garcia left me another message… for me AND for my readers!

Forgive me for the mispelling; I meant to say my nephew David is an accomplished musician. At the age of five his aunt Maria Garcia purchased his first drum set. Today he plays the bass, drums, piano, guitar, sings and composes music. He has alongwith his father and pastor Arthur Garcia, have written over 80 christian songs.

The reason I write my name in caps and for the most part write everything in caps is to make it easier for people to read. I know its considered poor grammer and ‘shouting’, however the sole reasoning is making it easier to read.

Recently Tower Records has added my cd’s of various genre’s to their internet stores world wide. Please visit to confirm this
in the search box please type
Don Ricardo Garcia
click go and you will find 21 cd’s under the Don Ricardo Garcia International.

You can also visit the following sites to confirm that ‘this is for real’ not a joke or ploy of any sort.
for free downloads of over 60 songs please visit

please type my son’s name
Don Chezina in the search engine of your choice and also my name Don Ricardo Garcia as separate or together. Try yahoo, google, lycos, netscape, altos, excite, aol, msn, cnn.

My offer stands, I invite you to pick the cd’s of your choice and I will mail them to you as a gift, you can review them and write your comments.

Also you can visit my website.

Thank you once again for your comments and those of your readers. I welcome them and to the first five of your readers I make the same offer; they can choose the cd’s of their choice, write to me at mention that they have been reading your comments and I will mail the cd’s as promised. They can review and write comments on any of the websites mentioned above.

Don Ricardo Garcia
Your servant in Christ Jesus
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