Honey… Lorenzo Lamas Is Calling… Should I Hang Up?

Hollywood is calling! No… seriously. For $19.95, you can get Lorenzo Lamas, “star” of the “hot” “television show” Renegade, to call someone and say “hello” or “happy birthday” or “I’m low on funds, mind if I finish that sandwich?” Other stars of the Hollywoodiscalling.com website include: Lou Ferrigno, Tony Todd (the guy who played “Candyman“), Todd Bridges from Diff’rent Strokes, Fred “Rerun” Berry, Greg “My Two Dads” Evigan… the list goes on and on. And this could possible be the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while.

For example:
“Hey, it’s us, the Barbie Twins. Just wanted to call and wish you a happy Bar Mitzvah! Mazel Tov!”
“Hewwow, dis is Wooo Forwigno. Grrrrr! Happy Eastah!”

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