These Are Days…

I didn’t really mention this before but today is the last day at my current job. I start a new one tomorrow. I read somewhere that changing jobs is among the most stressful things that happen to people, other that dealing with deaths in the family. I have to agree. I’ve done a pretty good job of not seeming bothered and joking around at work but the whole idea is bittersweet. I enjoy the people I work with but the job is not very interesting and I don’t deal with boredom well. That coupled with the fact that the big boss of the office is doing everything he can, including hiring more people at twice our salaries during a so-called “budget crunch”, to make people angry enough to want to leave. Well, here I go. Your wish is granted!

The people in our office threw a pizza party in my honor and I spent 97% of the time doing my typical stand up routine. I think at one point, I actually said “pull my finger” in front of my boss! I didn’t look up at her but I assume she was laughing like everyone else was… at least I hope so.

Anyway, everyone has been great… they even bought me a mini-gas grill to replace the one that was stolen over a year ago. Nice! Very cool of them…

Right now, I’m happy and sad and nervous and excited and about a dozen emotions at once. If nothing else, this place has been very comfortable and I’m about to leap out of that comfort zone. Wish me luck!

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