Things I've Learned About New York

  • New Yorkers are much more polite than you think. (So far…)
  • New York pizza is as good (or better) than you might think.
  • The subways are dirty and hot. Very hot. The actual cars are fairly clean and air conditioned.
  • If you look up at the tall buildings, not only will everyone on the street immediately know you’re a tourist, you’re likely to fall over from dizzyness. Seriously. The buildings are so tall that you don’t always see the sun.
  • Gay bars play decent music. And the bathrooms are tidy, spacious and dimly lit, much like the rest of the club. Hmm…
  • The “Soho” area of New York means “South of Houston” which is not pronounced like the Texas city but like “HOW-stun”. Mispronounce it and you’re definitely going to hear it.
  • When you take a cab from the LaGuardia, give the driver $4 for tolls in advance so he doesn’t think you’re from out of town.
  • If you plan on taking a taxi anywhere, make sure you have some Dramamine handy. Our driver took his vehicle airborne several times.
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