Man Arrested For Selling "Sum Poosie" Near Stadium

This story on refers to an RV that my girlfriend and I noticed as we were driving to the game. It had scantially clad women airbrushed on the side and the words “Sum Poosie Energy Drink” written in bold letters. The artistry was not unlike what you would see on a ride at one of those makeshift carnivals that set up in mall parking lots. The girlfriend was offended by it and I thought it faintly amusing, albeit juvenile. I mean, would ANYONE buy a drink called “Sum Poosie”. Just sounds terrible to me! It’s like the buffet at a strip club. The food could be great but there’s always a concern about cleanliness. Ew… never mind.

Anyway, the guy selling this swill at a football game where families are constantly walking by was arrested for disorderly conduct because he allegedly strayed from the actual name of the product when doing his carnival barking. First Amendment Issue? We’ll see…

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