Actor Sizemore Gets Six Months for Domestic Violence

What are you looking at, tiny defenseless woman?

Part-time actor and full time jackass Tom Sizemore was sentenced to six months in jail for domestic violence, making criminal threats and harassment. Sizemore, 41, who starred in “Kill Bill” and “Saving Private Ryan” blamed his addiction to crystal meth on his violent behavior towards former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. The rumor is that he beat her up after they both appeared on the Howard Stern Show during his promotion of “Black Hawk Down”. According to sources, she openly stated that she didn’t care for the movie because she prefers non-violent films and after the appearance, he thrashed her. Frogbrother will keep you posted if his prison-mates give his incarceration a positive review. *wink wink*

UPDATE: Yes, I know. He wasn’t in “Kill Bill”. That was Michael Madsen. My bad.

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