FSU Beats Florida, Thanks To Sh*tty Officials

ESPN.com can’t even avoid mentioning it in their report of the game. The Seminoles won, but they shouldn’t feel good about it. The referees are responsible for handing the game over to FSU. From start to finish. Momentum means everything in college football and the ACC officiating crew did everything possible to make sure that UF didn’t have it. Read this article and you’ll read what all of us saw. This pathetic crew of officials should be fired.

UPDATE: For those of you who saw the game and are as disturbed as I am, here is the address of the head of ACC Officials.
Tommy Hunt
Football Officials Coordinator-ACC
P.O. Drawer ACC
Greensboro, N.C. 27417-6724
(336) 854-8787

This isn’t just some game. If I failed so horribly at my job, I would be fired. So should they.

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