Muhammad Jurors Recommend Death

Death penalty? So I can’t play in a bowl game?

…and I agree. This scumbag kept a nation in terror for weeks. He, as one part of the murderous duo, killed several people and most definitely should have to stare into the hot, smoky end of a pistol. I mean, you could almost – ALMOST – appreciate the fact that he created fear in the community for political or religious reasons but from what I can tell, the sole motivation was money. Personally, I’m a proponant of the death penalty and can’t imagine a better candidate than this guy and his boy killer trainee, Lee Malvo. Matter of fact, nothing would be finer than to create the same fear he instilled in millions of others. My suggestion is to let him loose in some grassy flatlands, give him a couple of weeks to build a makeshift hut out of mud and wait a week or two until military trained snipers randomly take shots at him. Let the bastard sweat it for a while.

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