Top 10 Worst Pick-Up Lines

On, some chick listed the top ten worst lines used to pick people up. And they’re terrible. But for some reason, they work. I know because once – ONCE – I tried one of these hokey ass lines and it worked perfectly. I was at a club by myself, because I’m a big ass dork, and these two girls were bitching about all the stupid lines they’d heard all night. So I leaned over to one of them, dipped my finger in my water cup, touched her on her shirt and said “Now, let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”

They cackled with laughter.

Moments later, I had a date with one of the girls.

On the “date”, I ended up going to a party with this girl which she subsequently left because her BOYFRIEND showed up. That normally puts a damper on a date, I find. Anyway, the party wasn’t even that great. It was at a terribly lame fraternity house that was having an “around the world” gathering, which supposedly meant that there would be different region-themed rooms with alcohol to match that theme. This fraternity had tequila, lemon drop shots, and Corona. Mexico was well represented. I ended up having to walk from the fraternity house back to the dorm, drunk and depressed.

Let this be a lesson — if you pick up someone with a “pick-up line”, you’ll end up with someone who is impressed with “pick-up lines”.

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