Vatican Criticizes Handling of Saddam, Ignores Handling of Little Boys By Priests

Read this report on and I challenge you to NOT get angry. How nice for this jackass Cardinal Martino to feel sympathy for Hussein! He’s too dumb to realize that they were checking for traces of a cyanide pill which means that they were, in a sense, preventing him from committing a huge moral sin.

Good for you, Martino. You have compassion for Hussein. Fantastic.

Also, check out what Lauren Hill had to say at the Christmas concert at the Vatican.

“I’m not here to celebrate, like you, the birth of Christ, but to ask you why you are not in mourning for his death in this place,” Hill said, reading from a prepared statement as she came on stage for her performance as part of a all-star gala concert.

“Holy God has witnessed the corruption of your leadership, of the exploitation and abuses which are the minimum that can be said for the clergy,” she added, calling on the hierarchy to “repent”.

I might agree, especially considering how they protected their own during the sexual abuse scandals they tried to sweep under the rug.

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