Zap! Pow! Biff!

My friends and I were talking about what superpowers
we had the other day and this article made me think of it again. I determined that everyone of us has one but that
not all of them could be used to fight crime. Think about it… if anyone
saw “X2”, they saw that kid who could change the channels on TV without
using the remote. That’s his power. He’s never be able to fight crime
with that power, unless the crime is “cable theft”.

Anyway, I determined that my girlfriend’s power is that no matter what
city she’s in, she automatically knows all the channels on the local cable
system, especially ESPN.

My friend Jim can convert vast quantities of rum into urine.

My power is that I can summon the stupidest people in the area to
immediately drive to a 4 way stop when I’m there and just stare at me,

What superpowers do you guys have?

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