O.J. Simpson – Jackass or F*cktard?

From the NY Daily News:

Can’t this man be stopped?: Apparently taking a break from his continuing search for the real killers, O.J. Simpson is hoping to mark the 10th anniversary of wife Nicole’s savage murder June 12 – along with the fatal knifing of unlucky waiter Ron Goldman – by cashing in big-time.

Star Magazine reports that Simpson’s attorney, Yale Galanter, has been shopping his client around for paid interviews.

“It will be expensive,” the mag quotes Galanter. “TV rights are going for $100,000. For print rights, between $20,000 and $25,000.”

Nothing if not classy, Galanter adds that O.J. might even be willing to do a photo shoot at the Brentwood crime scene and at Nicole’s grave site – if the price is right.

“It would have to be a multimillion-type deal,” Galanter says. A grave site photo would be “worth $500,000 … Our preference is a standard interview … but it’s just money.”

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