Girl Pepper Sprayed, Arrested For "Using Cell Phone In Theater" – Frogbrother Cheers!

What a lovely couple! Couple of scumbags, that is!

In St. Petersburg, FL, a college student who decided to take a cell phone call during a movie was maced after refusing to end the call, as reported by Naturally, the student claims that she took the call because it was a family emergency and that the officer “pushed (her) in the hallway, then pepper sprayed both of them in the lobby”.

Cry me a friggin river, beeyotch. What kind of emergency has you staying in a loud theater to talk on the phone? Why didn’t you get up and leave? Are you also trying to say that a police officer would risk his own career to pepper spray two people in front of witnesses for no reason? I’m certain there’s more to this story and I’ll be following up. In the meantime, GET OFF THE PHONE WHEN THE MOVIES’ ON, YOU SKANK!

This cop deserves a medal. Officer of the Year.

My favorite quote in the story is this: “Police denied their account, saying Harris refused to end her cell phone conversation, yelled at the Douglas and refused to leave the theater. Her boyfriend also refused to leave and threatened the officer, police said.” Let me be the first to say How dare they yell at “The Douglas”!

UPDATE! The Smoking has the official police report. Seems this bitch decided that she and her boyfriend, like so many other rude movie chatters, could:

  • Talk on the phone, despite the fact that she was disturbing others
  • Mouth off to a cop
  • Threaten to “kick the cop’s ass” and “kick this cracker in the head”

Wrong on all counts. Check out the full report to see what these two rude, racist a-holes are all about. Kudos to SmokingGun for reporting ALL the facts instead of what the AP did, which was side with the duo. Check out what the community of had to say about this incident, too.

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