Smacking Of Desperation

Does this paper outfit make my butt look big?

The Republicans and the press are trying very hard to make a NASA photo op into some huge embarrassment for presidential hopeful John Kerry. Kerry, during a Florida stop before his upcoming convention speech, was filmed in one of those blue paper contamination suits as he made his way through some of the NASA technology areas. For some, these pictures are a carbon copy of the infamous Dukakis-on-a-tank photo ops during his failed campaign. Sorry, gentlemen, but it just isn’t the same thing, no matter how you try to spin it. I understand that it’s an attempt to limit some of the bounce from the DNC convention but it just seems weak to me. Take a look at the DRUDGE REPORT and see how the Dems are now actually RESPONDING to this by saying that these photos were “leaked”.

I admit, he does look pretty silly, but I challenge anyone to look at pictures of Bush that are floating around and not crack a smile or two.

Could we please stay on the issues? I have an idea… instead of worrying about Kerry in a blue suit, spend the time instead going over the 9/11 Executive Summary! It’s a quick read and is MUCH more meaningful than this garbage!

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2 Responses to Smacking Of Desperation

  1. gregnews says:

    I agree that it’s not an issue or a true Dukakis moment, but it’s turned out that the Kerry camp asked the shots be taken, and that it’s common practice for NASA to take snapshots of visiting dignitaries. The fact that the Kerry people asked for the photos to be taken leads me to belive that 1) they didn’t know how silly Kerry looked, or 2) they did and wanted to play the “we’ve just victims of a right-wing smear plot” routine.

    If there’s any despiration it’s on Kerry’s part for ignoring NASA for 20 years and just now finding the time to look presidential with them.

    Finally, were it not for Republicans or the Drudges of the world we never would have seen the pics, just like we never would have known about Sandy Berger, etc.

  2. Frog says:

    Who the hell knows who is telling the truth on this one. I, for one, don’t see it as a big plus to have taken the picture or a minus to have been seen looking foolish in the picture. It’s just a silly thing to talk about during a campaign regardless of who initiated the whole thing. It just doesn’t matter.

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