"Hot Saucing" – A Controversial Form Of Discipline

Don’t make me have to get out the jalapenos!

No, not THAT form of discipline, you kinky devil, you! I’m talking about child rearing. It would seem that parents are taking to the habanero pepper as a tool in molding young minds. Now, I can speak first hand to this because I’ve personally been affected by this. My girlfriend likes spicy foods and I tried to sneak a taste of what LOOKED like “beef with broccoli”. I’ll never do THAT again!

In all seriousness, ABCNEWS has done a report debating the issue. Is it tortune? Was it torture when I got a mouthful of Irish Spring when I said the word “crap” in Montessori school when I was 6? Um… yes. I can still taste that cra…. stuff.

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