Paul Hamm DESERVES His Gold Medal! Enough Already!!!!

The disgraceful International Gymnastics Federation (IGF) has asked Paul Hamm to give up his earned gold medal as “the ultimate show of good will”. What a big pile of horse sh*t. As the group responsible for upholding rules and standards for international competition, they expect Hamm to disregard his own gutsy, awe-inspiring performance and concede to the pathetic performance of their own judges.

Shame on you, IGF.

Hamm earned that medal based on the rules that you scumbags are supposed to administer. The IGF had three Olympic-caliber judges and a judging system that should have been up to par with Hamm’s performance. They failed. Hamm didn’t. In addition, based on the rules, the Korean coaches, who are also supposed to be among the best coaches in the world in their field, were not up enough on the rules of competition to dispute the scores. They are also culpable. Shame the hell on them, too

The fact remains that Hamm should not have even won a medal after his catastrophic vault, but he managed to create nearly flawless routines throughout the rest of the event while all the other athletes fell apart. It never should have been that close, but it was.

And that’s why Hamm is the Olympic champion. The International Gymnastics Federation should honor his effort instead of trying to hide behind their mistakes.

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2 Responses to Paul Hamm DESERVES His Gold Medal! Enough Already!!!!

  1. gregnews says:

    Yeah, pathetic.

    Have you heard (or seen) how the US national anthem played in Athens has been reduced to this really watered down version. Very anticlimactic, especially at the Rockets Red Glare part. Any little passive aggressive insult they can do to us. Really ridiculous. Just like the IOC sticking its neck into politics and asking the Bush campaign to withdraw its ads. Whether you like the ads or not the IOC is out of line.

  2. Frog says:

    To be honest, I actually like the version of the national anthem… call me crazy. I never really paid attention to the lighter orchestration during the “rockets red glare”.

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