Haiku Topic – Florida/Tennessee Football Game

Here are some Haiku’s from reader GregNews, Cynical J, and myself regarding this past weekend’s game against Tennessee. You know, the game where the referees gave us all a big “aw shucks” and admitted that they totally screwed up the last crucial call and handing the game to Tennessee. In true GregNews fashion, he manages to throw some movie quotes in there for good measure.

Haikus by GregNews:

Freshman quarterbacks?

Why did we blitz so little?

Put them on their ass!

Many missed chances.

Touchdown passes dropped four times.

Shoulda, coulda… not.

Easy field goal missed.

Boy, we could use a guy like

Judd Davis again.

Bullsh*t penalty.

Once again, ref screws gators.

Tennessee leads east.

Note to D. Baker:

You never retaliate

When your team is up.

Jeremy Foley,

How many times will you fold?

Go change your tampon!

A gutless wonder,

our athletic director.

It is nothing new.

All the tools are there,

but our coaches call bad plays.

8 and 5? Again!

Al Pacino was

good in Heat, but better in

Glengarry, Glenross.

“Marshall your sales force?”

“We need the leads, the good leads!”

“put that coffee down!”

Haikus by Frogbrother

Dumb ass referees

Useless as tits on a bull

Biased against us

Conspiracy game

Tennessee versus Gators

Vols! Eat shit and die!

Haikus by Cynical J

Déjà vu again

Will we get to a bowl game?

To the Outback Bowl!

Refs hete Spurrier

Zook will always pay for it

Stupid stupid refs!

I’m so goddamn tired…

No more football Saturdays

Jim wants out for good

Haikus by Frogbrother

Jim will never quit

He loves U.F. forever

He also loves the NASCAR

Refs after the game

“Let’s hurry and let Vols win

and then have butt sex!”

Referees, my ass!

The stupid refs can’t call plays.

They are mindless dicks.

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2 Responses to Haiku Topic – Florida/Tennessee Football Game

  1. gregnews says:

    I hate to tell you this but “He also loves NASCAR” is six syllables, not five. Change it to “He loves NASCAR too.”

  2. Frog says:

    I changed the line to “He also loves the NASCAR” because it sounds especially “country”…

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