Curious Statement from O'Reilly Accuser

Suing for sexual harassment is bitchin’, dude!

“I feel badly for his family,” Mackris said. “But I do not feel guilty. How is it my fault, what has happened here? I could have stood naked in front of him and there was still no way he should be allowed to get away with what he did.

That was a quote in the New York Daily News from Andrea Mackris, the woman who recently made headlines after getting hit with an extortion lawsuit and subsequently filed a sexual harassment suit against Fox News star Bill O’Reilly. I found her to be lacking in credibility from the very beginning and this statement bolsters my opinion. She seems to think that she can do anything she wants around her boss but if there is any kind of reciprocation, than the responsibility solely lies on him. This shows either a lack of responsibility on her part or that she has no problem with trying to entrap her boss with her own sexuality.

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2 Responses to Curious Statement from O'Reilly Accuser

  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry you have it wrong. She is allowed to show her sexuality. That is like saying that a Hooters girl is allowed to be raped since she is throwing it out there!

  2. Frog says:

    Ok… let me tell you why your comment is rediculous.

    1. She’s already suspicious because she went for money first.
    2. She never reported the incident to Fox HR.
    3. She left Fox News after the incidents began and then begged for her job back. This demonstrates that she wasn’t feeling as threatened as she made out.
    4. Making a comparison of what happened to her (which at the most was sexual talk) to rape is an insult to those who have actually been raped. No comparison there. Shame on you.
    5. If this girl got naked in front of me and I was her boss, I would assume that she was hitting on me. If I go to Hooters and a girl is wearing a Hooters outfit, I assume that she works at Hooters. Get the difference? Last time I checked, Fox News doesn’t have a clothes-optional policy. If it did, I’d work there.

    Just as I wouldn’t show my massive weiner to any of my female bosses for fear that they would think I was either fucking crazy or trying to have all the sex with them, I wouldn’t wear a sportcoat covered in $20’s and walk down a dangerous neighborhood. People have to take personal responsibility for their actions.

    Ultimately, my point is that based on the evidence thus far and this current statement, she loses some credibility. I also think that she’s setting the stage so that when we hear these recordings of their conversations (assuming they actually exist), we might hear something on them that might be construed as some sort of reciprocation on her part and so her argument will be that she gave in because he was the boss and that based on his status as her superior, he should never have created that dynamic.

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