Tonight on the "Factor"…

…first we’ll dim the lights, I’ll put on some of that Ludicris music I pretend to hate… then we’ll get in the hot tub and I’ll *bleep* you right in the *bleep*.

Holy moley! If you haven’t heard, Bill O’Reilly, host of the popular news analysis program “The O’Reilly Factor”, is embroiled in a sexual harassment suit. He and Fox News sent out the preemptive strike with a claim that a former producer was attempting to extort him and the news channel for $60 million dollars and has sued the claimant for extortion. Can you imagine how someone could think that a sexual harassment suit could be worth that much money? Well, her suit is out there as well, and it’s steamy.

Take a look at both and judge for yourself. I think that he talked to her just like she claimed in the suit. She actually has exact quotes from the telephone conversations which leads many to believe that she was recording the conversations. Expect those tapes to be released soon. Anyway, I also think that she either encouraged the calls or didn’t make any legitimate attempts to make clear that his advances were inappropriate. Read her lawsuit… I have, and I don’t see that she said anything to him at any point. Unfortunately, he has a wive and kids and this will be very bad for them and this will most certainly be a major distraction at least and a career/credibility killer at worst.

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