"Precocious" Is Another Word For "Little F*cker"

Hi! Coming to you live from Chicago, home of deep dish pizzas, the Bulls, and John Derringer. The girlfriend and I are on vacation and I’ve gotten a break from shopping and running around.

We almost bought 1st Class ticket upgrades for the arrival because we had to deal with a kid at the gate who was completely loud and out of control. He truly was a little bastard. His mom was about 600 pounds and couldn’t (and didn’t) keep up with him as he ran around the Spirit Airlines gate shouting “Hey! It’s an airplane!” as if he didn’t expect to see one AT A FUCKING AIRPORT! And he said it over and over and over and over like some sort of overamplified skipping record. I wanted to hold him down and force him to drink Nyquil just to sedate him.

But the city is cool so far. We’ve eaten and met up with my girlfriend’s buddies and have done a great deal of shopping, walking and riding the trains.

If anything else exciting comes up, I’ll try to report it, although my access to the web is fleeting at best…

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