Think The Election Was Stolen?

As usual, hyperactive Dems who are in denial about the Presential election are crying foul and making baseless claims of voter fraud. It’s amazing to me that people would actually believe anecdotal assertions by a few of what they “saw” happening at the voting precincts. Well, truth be told, I saw John Edwards at my precinct and his shiny white smile blinded me and prevented me from voting. Do I have proof? No. Do I need proof? According to various claims such as ones that were on Michael Moore’s website, absolutely not. He posted anything that supported his notion that people were “disenfranchised”. I got news for you, people… no system is perfect. There were problems, naturally, because this is a human system, but for people to make the claim that there was an intended, pervasive attempt by Republicans to alter the vote is a bunch of crap. Take a look at this article from Or, if you don’t have time, I’ll post a quote that says it all.

Doug Chapin, a nonpartisan election analyst, finds the claims to be baseless. “There were no problems that would lead me to believe that there were stolen elections or widespread fraud,” he said.

“There was no overwhelming reason to cast doubt on the outcome of this election,” seconded Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, the campaign manager for Al Gore’s 2000 campaign. “George Bush got more votes this time.”

Nevertheless, many people have devised various theories, including stories of voters in largely Democratic counties in Florida whose votes were changed for Bush, phantom voters in Ohio and exit polls showing John Kerry in the lead that were truer than the final tally. Off the record, many Democratic strategists dismiss such allegations, but they also know such resentment can be channeled for political use in the future.

That last part is quite telling. The Democratic strategists are willing to allow these lies to go unhindered because it’s good for their cause, regardless of the fact that they don’t believe them. Simply disgusting.

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