Indian Scholar/9-11 Apologist Not Really An Indian (Or Is He?)

Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor of Ethnic Studies who claimed that the victims of 9-11 were not innocent victims, has admitted to lying about his background. Surprise, surprise. In a speech in Hawaii, Churchill fessed up to the fact that although he has claimed for years that he was of native american lineage, the truth is that he has absolutely no indian blood at all. Don’t be surprised if you hear in the coming days that he used this false background to shoot himself to the top of the employment list by taking advantage of affirmative action policies. This guy is a first class piece of sh*t.

RETRACTION: The Hawaii Star-Bulletin has printed a retraction of the quote attributed by Churchill. He’s still claiming to be native american and never said otherwise. Looks like someone will have to dig a little deeper.

UPDATE: On, she has posted audio clips and transcripts from a meeting in Seattle in 2003 where Ward Churchill from the Imafake Tribe advocates and gives advice on how to conduct terror operations in the United States. Listen for yourself!

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