Woman Steals Sperm, Makes Baby. Film NOT At Eleven

Instead of trying to do this story justice and failing, I’m going to post directly from CBS2Chicago.com:

A woman accused of using her lover’s sperm to impregnate herself without his knowledge can be held liable for the unwitting father’s emotional pain, the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled.

In the ruling released Wednesday, a three-judge panel reinstated part of a lawsuit against Sharon Irons, a doctor from Olympia Fields. The ruling sends the case back to Cook County Circuit Court.

Irons was sued by her former lover, Chicago family physician Richard O. Phillips, who accused her of a “calculated, profound personal betrayal” of him after a brief affair they had six years ago.

Phillips alleges that he and Irons, who practices internal medicine, never had intercourse during their four-month affair, although they did have oral sex three times…

Ok, so the guy’s a cad for cheating on his wife, but some lawyer should come to this guy’s defense. The woman in question makes the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction look like a buddhist. Damn. Anyway, read the rest of this article and enjoy the sick, sad world we live in.

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