Getting Even With Snail Mail "Spam"

My girlfried passed along a great idea as we were rummaging through the pile of unsolicited mail in our mailbox. For some reason, the credit card companies love to send weekly memos informing you that they have a card with 0% interest which naturally only lasts 2 months and then they jump back up to 17%. Anyway, those, along with the annoying circulars full of worthless coupons for Church’s Chicken and Rent-A-Center continue to arrive with no end in site. The good news is that the credit card companies typically include a postage free envelope so you can quickly and painlessly indebt yourself to them.

Instead of sending your application postage free, why not send them a few coupons from Firestone and Big Lots?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Better yet, jam the return envelope full of as much paper and cardboard that needs recycling. As corporations have to pay to get their waste taken away, this will hit them where it hurts, the bottom line.

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