Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Alternate Title: "I Know Why You Dumped Jennifer Aniston"

On even the worst, most archaic blog, this would be the place where the blogger would wax poetic about a movie that he/she loved. To be honest, I’ve never thought I was that great a writer beyond a couple of sentences. I’ve already almost reached my threshold. That being said, I must tell you that I really enjoyed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“. A lot. Sure there were plot holes big enough to drive an SUV through. The point is that the truck is being driven by Angelina Jolie, and it’s speeding down a busy highway. It’s riddled with bullets and the hood is on fire. And the cab is so hot that she’s forced to unbutton her blouse. She’s also concentrating profusely on evading several pursuing cars, each of which are firing unlimited rounds at her. And for the sake of emphasis on her pensive moment, she’s pursing her lips as only she can.

Oh. And some guy named Brad Pitt is in the movie as well. I can’t remember if he has any lines.

Four stars.

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