What? Radio Stations Are PAID To Play Jennifer Lopez?

You ever wonder why your favorite alternative artist never gets the proper promotion? Why do the truly great bands out there never end up on radio? Well, it’s because the music industry is corrupt! Thanks to the New York City Attorney General Spitzer, the seedy underbelly of “pop music” has been exposed.

From FoxNews.com:

Take Jennifer Lopez’s awful record, “Get Right,” with its shrill horn and lifted rap. It’s now clear that was a “bought” sensation when it was released last winter. So, too, were her previous “hits” “I’m Glad” and “I’m Real,” according to the memos. All were obtained by Sony laying out dough and incentives. It’s no surprise. There isn’t a person alive who could hum any of those “songs” now. Not even J-Lo herself.

Check it out… and learn why we’ve had J.Lo forced apon us.

UPDATE: Here is a PDF of some of the redacted evidence proving payola. Boy, are they pushing Celine Dion, Audioslave and Good Charlotte!

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