Air America – Crooks, Cheats, and Swindlers

The MSM isn’t really covering any of this stuff like they did the debut of the Air America radio network, but this is crazy, convoluted and crooked stuff. You may not know this, but Air America took a loan from a New York Boys and Girls Club to pay its debts. (Incidentally, the former head of Air America was also on the board of the Boys and Girls Club when this transaction took place.)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a non-profit bailing out a for-profit business like this. Especially when the two entities are unrelated.

Anyway, it’s even seedier than this… the company behind Air America has created smoke and mirrors in order to duck out of financial obligations totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s all here, so check it out.

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