Britney/Federline Sex Tape – Coming Soon

Britney’s “oh” face…

According to the interweb, Britney and her white trash concubine are about to hit the pinnacle of infamy with a sex tape that is about to be released.

P.S. She’s pregnant in the video. So if any of you are into that sort of thing — and BOY, I sure am! — keep an eye on this page for links to the video as soon as they are available.

If my girlfriend is reading this, I’m totally NOT into viewing preggers sex videos featuring Britney. Ick! Blecch!

UPDATE: According to sources, the videotape is “disgusting”. The mind wanders at the possibilities. Could it be the buckets of KFC? Is it the powdery dirt on the bottoms of Britney’s feet that she got from the local “7-11”? Or is it the fact that she has to close her eyes real tight and imagine she’s with someone that doesn’t look like a lubrication tech at Jiffy Lube? Here’s the quote:

A source tells that it was a member of the production crew on Chaotic that got a hold of a tape of the two of them and it was “super gross.” Just how gross? “Kevin was doing Britney and she was bleeding,” says our source. And now, Spears is reportedly trying to pay the person off to never show it.

This begs the question: Exactly WHERE was he doing Britney? Was it regular coitus or did they get dangerously experimental? I hear that ear canal sex is all the rage in Paris.

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