I Was For The War Before I Was Against It

I am sick of all of this war politicization.

Before I rant, I must tell you that I truly respect the people that honestly object to this war. I’m talking about the people that cry for the young people that are in a foreign land, fighting a war with objectives that aren’t as clear as WWII. I think about them, too.

I do have a problem with these politicians who rail against the administration for going to war with Iraq and claim that “Bush lied”. The problem is that these same politicians saw the same intelligence and also saw Hussein as a threat to us, not by direct missle contact but by creating the technologies that terrorists could use to harm us and other “evil” entities, such as Australia, Jordan… the Queen of England, for crying out loud…

You’ve probably heard this rant a thousand times and either shook your fist at it or vehemently agreed with it. So, I’ll stop. But I would like you to view this video (unfortunately in Windows Media format), which documents all these anti-war, “Bush is a liar”-spewing politicians wallowing neck deep in their own bullshit.

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