Xbox 360: It's HERE!

At long last, I finally have an Xbox 360 in my hot little hands. Initially, I thought I was crazy for putting a reserve in June for a system coming out in November, but it would seem that it was the right move. At midnight last night, I went to EBGames, picked up my unit and drove to Best Buy to see if it was a circus in the parking lot. (They weren’t selling the units until 9am the next day.)

It was. There were six tents and about fifty people sitting, standing, eating pizza, playing kickball, and shivering near the front gate. And I drove by, Xbox 360 in the passenger seat, warm and toasty in my truck. Not that I’m gloating. The fact is that the units are in such short supply that some of those people waiting in line for 9 hours are probably crying right now, because there just aren’t enough units out there to keep up with demand. That particular Best Buy probably only got around 35 units.

Anyway, I’ve gotten very little sleep as I’ve been up all night and throughout the day testing this thing… check back for my review…

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