Man Killed Over Toilet Paper

Anyone who’s ever been trapped on a toilet because someone forgot to replace the TP can relate… or perhaps not. In Marion County, a man was arrested for beating his roommate with a claw hammer and sledgehammer for forgetting to get toilet paper for the home. I shit you not. (Sorry…couldn’t resist.)

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  1. gregnews says:

    Frank Crow is a fucking hero! What you don’t know, what the media doesn’t dare tell you, is that Ken Matthews tortured Frank and the rest of us by denying us toilet paper for years! You go 20 years with Ken as your roommate, and go 20 years having to use harsh paper towels on your bottom, and walk a mile in our shoes before you criticize us or call us mentally unbalanced or over reacting! How dare you! Frank Crow was a victim, nothing more. You don’t understand. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want Frank Crow wielding that clawhammer!

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