PETA Goes Too Far, No One Is Surprised

On the Berkeley campus, a PETA display comparing the lynching of blacks and the holocaust to animal testing caused an uproar when black students confronted the demonstrators.

PETA put up the display at UF a few weeks ago, but beyond a few minor comments in the student newspaper, there was no controversy. I found them personally deplorable for several reasons. My initial reaction was disgust at comparing the murder of southern blacks to cattle. After that, I was disturbed by the holocause images juxtaposed with images of sheep or some other animal group. Finally, an image of a goose having food rammed down its throat with a thick wooden dowel was shown, which is allegedly how goose liver pate is developed.

I understand and respect anyone who is a vegetarian, although most I’ve met look terribly unhealthy (with a few exceptions). I think animals are great, especially when they aren’t wanting to wake me up at 3am. I can almost believe – and can understand how others can fall for – some of what PETA offers up as fact, but they have a large agenda that most people aren’t aware of, and that’s “total animal liberation”. This means that animals should not be kept as pets, for instance. So, you out there, with the cats that you pamper and spoil and brush and essentially treat better than your kids… PETA thinks you’re scum.

They are also huge hypocrites. This website gives detailed information (including disturbing pictures) about how they treat animals at their headquarters. Please note that I warned you about these pictures, which is something that PETA would never do, as they prefer to ambush children with their horrific propaganda.

UPDATE: My veggie-lovin’ friend Fuzzcat was quick to challenge my statement about the health of vegetarians. Let me go on record by saying that Fuzzcat is the healthiest vegetarian I know. He also has questionable taste as he actually reads this horrible blog. Oh, he also spotted a spelling error.

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