A RESPONSE From The UCLA Spirit Squad Director!

Fans of this site may remember my earlier post regarding the taunting and namecalling allegedly hurled at Joakim Noah by the UCLA Dance Squad. I now say “allegedly” because I have just received an actual response to an email sent to the Director of the squad regarding this incident, which will follow in its entirety:


We appreciate your concern in the matter and while it is unfortunate that Mr. Noah was subjected to anything offensive, you can be assured that the UCLA Dance Team did not participate. I cannot speak for all of the students who were in attendance at the Championship game and UCLA does not condone everything that is said by the students, but the uniformed representatives sitting on the court would never engage in negative chanting. The students are respectful of our opponents.

The most senior members of the UCLA Spirit Squad had the honor of representing UCLA this past weekend. They were selected based on their seniority, attitude and behavior throughout the year and superior performance on the court. All but three of the members have just completed their second, third or fourth years with the Spirit Squad and I have complete faith that they performed respectfully on Monday night. I was seated only 6-10 feet away and watched their every move throughout the game. If their behavior had been out of hand, they would have been corrected immediately. Each squad member was honored to be selected for the trip to Indianapolis and did an incredible job at each and every event, appearance and game. It is extremely disappointing to me that their efforts would be diminished by these accusations.


Mollie Q. Vehling

UCLA Spirit Squad Advisor


So, there you have it. Someone is obviously lying but it’s impossible for me to know who because my seats at the game were just not that good to have heard the truth. What do YOU think happened, gentle reader?

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