A Solution For Gigantic Glasses

Maybe I’m late picking up on this, but I’ve noticed this amazing fashion trend that’s spreading across campus like flaming hotcakes. It’s those gigantic sunglasses. You know the ones… each lens is the size of a hubcap and the almost completely cover the girl’s face. To me, this is inefficient if you’re attempting to shield yourself from the sun. I have two pictures to demonstrate.

Here’s Mary Kate Olsen. She looks fine but there’s just one problem. THE SUN! Look at her! She can barely keep her eyes open! Now, before my solution, she’d have gigantic sunglasses which would only protect the top part of her face, leaving her nose and extremely pouty face exposed the UV-A rays, UV-B rays and that dreaded gamma radiation! Let’s try my new idea.

Ah. Much better. Now she is completely protected AND can also safely weld metal parts!

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