From Neal Boortz’s site:

The story about the deplorable conditions at the Walter Reed Army Hospital continues to grow. Yesterday we have the U.S. Army’s surgeon general forced out of office. That would bring the count to three high-level Army officials who have received the boot. Last week I told you that the Walter Reed story will eventually be your story .. the story of your medical care under our quickly approaching system of government medical care, a/k/a socialized medicine.

Come on folks, wake up and smell the antiseptic. If this is the medical care our wounded soldiers from the Middle East receive from a government-run health care system, what makes you think that the care you are going to receive under “universal health care” is going to be any better?

“Freedom loving” Americans have decided that their health care is not their responsibility. It’s the responsibility of either the government or their employer. Walter Reed is your future. You asked for it … enjoy it.

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