James Brown Describes A Sex Machine

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Mega64 Comments On Halo 3

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"Bridge to Nowhere" Finally Defeated

Thank God this pork barrel monstrosity was finally put to rest. The last thing this country needs is a new, useless bridge when it’s clear our infrastructure needs to be upgraded and improved.

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Tasing the Bro, or How I Kept Myself Awake at a John Kerry Speech

From OpinionJournal.com

The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun reports on an appearance by John Kerry* at the University of Florida:

Much of his speech . . . was devoted to the war in Iraq. Kerry condemned the lack of diplomacy used by the Bush administration in Iraq and urged the audience to take notice of the damage that has done to the U.S.

“Too many Americans are asleep,” Kerry said.


Oh, sorry, we fell asleep at the keyboard again. We guess Kerry has a point. The Associated Press reports on something else that happened at the Kerry event:

A University of Florida student with a history of taping his own practical jokes was Tasered by campus police Monday and arrested after loudly and repeatedly trying to ask U.S. Sen. John Kerry questions during a campus forum. . . .

Videos of the Monday night incident, posted on several Web sites and played repeatedly on television news, show officers pulling [Andrew] Meyer away from the microphone after he asks Kerry about impeaching President Bush and whether he and Bush were both members of the secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University. . . .

As Kerry tells the audience he will answer the student’s “very important question,” Meyer yells at the officers to release him, crying out, “Don’t Tase me, bro,” just before he is shocked by the Taser. He is then led from the room, screaming, “What did I do?”

Give Meyer credit–he figured out how to stay awake through a John Kerry speech.

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How To "Crank That" with Soulja Boy

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Knight Rider Theme, Beat Box Style

What’s better than the Knight Rider theme? The theme done by the master of the beatboxing flute. So throw your hands in the air…


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Beautiful Day

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W.W.N.F.L.D. (What Would the NFL Do?)

According to the NY Times, Cincinnati Bengals lineman Dan Wilkinson was found guilty of striking his pregnant girlfriend. I’m interested to see how the NFL handles this situation. The few apologists for Michael “Dog Murderer” Vick, when not reducing dog torture to hunting for sport, have also mentioned the lack of punishment for people who physically hurt others off the field. Will the NFL take this under advisement as reports of domestic abusers are given more attention in light Vick’s conviction?

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1991 Female Flag Football Phenom

Trust me, you’ll love watching this.

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Warning! This is the Gayest Video Ever!

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