Protestors of "Ghettopoly" Are &$#$ing Hypocrits!

I read on CNN.COM today that some black clergy are boycotting a game called “Ghettopoly” which is loosly based on the game Monopoly, except it takes on the look and feel of an urban ghetto. The interesting thing is that the so-called stereotypes demonstrated in the game are the same ones you see every single day on Mtv, BET and in the record stores. The difference? The creator of this game is Asian and the artists that rap about bitches and hoes and “Keys and G’s” are black. When was the last time you heard an uproar over those types of albums such as ones from Cash Money Millionaires? Um… I haven’t. And if there were some, they certainly haven’t been with such fervor. They’ll picket an Urban Outfitters for selling this game but not a Camelot Music for selling the same type of image?

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